What is Your Anniversary Flower?

Anniversaries celebrations are one of the most beautiful things of our lives. It holds a special meaning for everyone in their own way. Every year it comes and marks the integrity and strength of our marriage or relationship. The one thing without which these are incomplete is flowers. Flowers have meanings. Each flower represents a different thing altogether. So, for your anniversary, without rushing to the florist or placing an online order, contemplate first and decide which is your anniversary flowers? Depending on the stage and length of your marriage or relationship.

In the modern world, you can send anniversary gifts to India from all across the globe through a multitude of online options available. Or even within India, any state you visit, you won’t find yourself deprived of flower delivery online. Some states have broken the norms regarding this and are setting trends.  For instance, online flowers delivery in Kolkata is quite the rage right now.

With this article, I am going to help you explore your perfect anniversary flower.

1st Anniversary

For your first anniversary, Carnations are the perfect flowers. The represent ties of lasting vows of commitment and happiness for the upcoming years of your relationship.

2nd to 5th Anniversary

Lilies, Sunflowers, Hydrangea and Daisies or a combination of their bouquet is apt for the upcoming anniversaries of your relationship. These flowers signify purity, warmth, gratefulness and appreciation for a relationship.

6th to 10th Anniversary

Now you need flowers to celebrate the beauty, wisdom, and reminder of the pleasures of share together. Freesia, Bird of Paradise and a yellow daffodil are suitable choices if your anniversary length lies in this period.

10th to 20th Anniversary

While being in this phase of anniversaries, you should demonstrate devotion, abundance, and charm of your love, understanding and good fortune. Tulip, Peony, Orchids, Rose and Asters are some of the flowers  which illustrate and represents the same.

25th Anniversary

This is the benchmark every marriage is thrilled to witness and is truly special. At this stage what you should do is promise your partner for an even more lasting and happy marriage. Iris is the perfect flower that symbolizes it.

50th Anniversary

So, you have reached the pinnacle of anniversaries. You need to assert and utter it. Yellow roses and Violets are flowers that show virtue, humility, and faith. These would be simple but powerful and assertive choice of flowers.