How would you steal your husband’s heart again?

He has been your friend, best friend, proposed and became a boyfriend, and now finally he is your husband – right? You must have seen this person grow from thin to thick, witnessed all his minor and major clashes in life. He knows the fact that you are a doting wife to him, a dutiful daughter-in-law to your parents, and a responsible mother to your kids. But in all these segments where you have divided yourself, you know what he misses the most? He misses his best friend sometimes. He misses the outspoken and fearless girl in you. And he also misses your unannounced dating days. So, can’t you get back to your former skin once again as an anniversary gift for husband?

In the twists and turns of life, he also has turned into something else, but this wedding anniversary is the time to make him remind of your old days. So, go plan and steal his heart once again.

  1. On your wedding anniversary night, wake him up suddenly from deep sleep. Get into your jeans and loose T-shirt dress and climb the walls to go outside for a stroll and an ice-cream. He would definitely be mesmerized with this act of yours.
  2. The morning he wakes up, he should find “Happy anniversary Mr. Ex-Boyfriend” written on your bedroom wall with colored papers. This ex-boyfriend thing would seriously give him a memory run in his head and he would get into that boyfriend mode believe me. Now wait for a surprise like a long drive or a candle-night dinner in the evening. He would definitely call you.
  3. Wedding anniversary gift for husband cannot be complete without a decent shower of flowers and cakes – right? You can use flower petals (preferably red ones) and design a way out from your bedroom to your most private place like the balcony or the terrace where a three tier wedding anniversary cake is waiting along with the whole family to wish both of you.
  4. Keep a loving letter attached just on his laptop so that when he takes that laptop out for work, he is left mesmerized.
  5. A lampshade having a wedding picture of you on it can be presented to your husband to be kept in his study room.
  6. You can plan an in-house party with friends and family. In fact invite only the couples for this party and keep the theme of this part red so that romance travels in the air all through the evening which is a sign enough for him to understand that he is still your dream-man.
  7. As an anniversary gift for husband, you can book a couple seating to the best spa resort and let yourselves be drenched into a relaxing and relieving day ahead.