Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving

What do you give to the person that seems to have everything? Walk straight past that package of winter socks and go online right now for an even better gift. After all, who does not enjoy the surprise of a goat or chicken for their birthday or holiday gift? Of course, this is not a literal chicken or goat that you buy and hustle to your loved one’s or friend’s home, but is, rather, the gift of a charity donation. Too often the plight of those beyond our borders is forgotten about when holidays come knocking. In order to change this unfortunate fact this year, consider buying a goat, chicken, clean water, and more for a community in need. Your loved ones will not go without a gift either, as an e-card or personalised physical card will be sent in order to inform your loved ones of the gift given in their name.

Save Someone a Half-Hearted Gift this Year

Not every gift is equal in thoughtfulness and love. You shop differently for your boss than you might for your favourite aunt. Instead of a cheap tie that will undoubtedly go unworn, give your friends and co-workers something worthwhile by donating in their honour. Donations are tax deductible, and the money you save in taxes by donating can be included in your card as a bonus gift! The gift of charity will also increase the sense of well-being for both you and whoever received the gift. The knowledge that a person in desperate need has been given direct assistance by your own hand is gratifying in every way. Go online to your local website, such as, in order to check out prices and options regarding such a gift.

When given a gift of charity, the co-worker or loved one who received the gift is likely to research the issues connected to the charity. This provides raised awareness of social injustices around the world, and can also create an opportunity for that person to make donations in the future in someone else’s name. This gift can literally be continued over and over as awareness is sparked by your first gift. New points of view are made available every time a person is inspired to look online for previously hidden information, and only one online search is required to start a movement.

It Is Never Too Late to Donate

The spiritual connections in your and your gift receiver’s life can only be strengthened by such a gift. The act of charity is a key pillar in the most common religions and spiritual movements of today, and yet too few actually make the choice to give. In order to fulfil your spiritual obligations and enhance your overall spiritual peace, a gift of clean water or a duck to a family or school in need is a sure fire way to achieve this.

Give the gift of charity today and send your co-worker or loved one a personalised e-card.